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Every business must have the power to succeed in the future with an excellent growth. We give you the best solutions and services for your business.

Inspiring minds

Train your mind and use it well as it is your greatest power and if you control your mind it will be your greatest friend. Be stress free and stay calm without any worries, think positive everytime.

Significant ROI

Understand the profitability of your business and identify the ways to improve your business for the future growth and success. It will help you to achieve your goal and aim properly.

About us

We provide creative and experimental IT solutions

This is a sole IT solution providing company which operates in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Switzerland, India and UK. Our prime aim is to provide the best possible innovative digital solutions for the businesses to reach success with full satisfaction. At present we are the most efficient company in Sri Lanka in the industry of digital tech. We would help every business to fulfill their objective without any hesitation and will guide them through it.

Who we are

We are an IT tech company with a motive to help small and large businesses. We are specialized in providing the best quality service to our clients and help them to fulfill their desires. Our mission is to help every business to achieve the success as expected by our best service.

Our philosophy

“There are no failures, just results to learn from’’. Failure is something that motivates us to work and try hard in future for the success. Whatever we do leads us to success and becomes a learning experience. It develops our self -confidence by motivating us to move on further without losing hope.

How we work

We are getting adapted to every change that happens in the IT world with developments. As a company we are reliable to do any work with full confidence and correctness.We are looking forward to help our customers to reach the highest target and gain a good name for their business.


Our Services for clients

Consulting and Designing

We help the clients to design the product or service a per the client’s requirement with our special team. We are very flexible and adaptive in providing our services. Our organization helps in designing efficiently using the correct methods and tools to accomplish the strategies implemented.

Digital marketing Services

A variety of solutions are provided for any range of business with improved technology methods. We assure the best result and take the effort of doing with customer satisfaction. We help businesses to create more opportunities in the competitive business world and increase their growth.

Digital Engineering solutions

We serve for the clients worldwide for the growth and the success of a well-established business and bring them with a motive to start building their future by taking the appropriate decision. We are experienced company with the ability to give better Digital Engineering solutions solutions.

Business Process Outsourcing

We execute the strategies in the correct way by using the suitable technology which enables each company to reach their target and achieve success. Our company approaches are very important for many businesses to gain a good position in this competitive business world. At present, we put forward many companies to implement the strategies in the best possible way.

Cloud transformation

We provide a wide range of services like digital infrastructure, analytics. for the customers to build up their enterprise successfully without any error in the future. Customer will be able to use cloud for services such as healthcare, improve the safety of them, and many more through the cloud transformation. The future of small and large scale companies is our main priority.

Management services

the powers which are needed in this competitive world are provided by Darkod tech. Management serves all the services which are related to the improvement of a business by understanding the processes, positions, people, and the working systems. We undertake all sort of management services from our clients and deliver quick work solutions to them.


We are sole IT Solution provider

Jayakumar cs CEO of JD Universal (Malaysia)

Great customer support is important these days. Darkod gave us great services and support to develop our website. The service is smooth and straight forward thanks a lot for Darkod Tech

Dato' B.U. Subaskaran CEO of APW 5656 Group of companies

Darkod Tech is the best place to code your page. They were super good and we are really thanks to them to create the best of it. We will definitely work out again.

Jehoram perera Chairman of Wintech (Pvt) Ltd Sri Lanka

Darkod Tech did a great job of application coding for us. they were fast, responsive, and very easy to communicate with. We'll definitely work together again soon.

Kirupa Saba Owner of Capture The Moment (Switzerland)

Darkod tech is a great place for all your digital requirements. A highly qualified young and effective team. I would highly recommend darkod tech company

Nishanth Tamilchelwan Founder of Forteen (Pvt) Ltd Sri lanka

Darkod Tech did an excellent job building our company mobile application. they were young, friendly and effective. i hope to work with you again, All the best guys

Nuha Rizan Co Founder of Her Highness Youth Organisation (Guarantee Limited)

Darkod Tech has done an incredible job building my website! Well organized and efficient team. I highly recommend Darkod to take their brand to a whole new level.